English Grammar for Practical Purposes

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Titlu: English Grammar for Practical Purposes

Autor: Mihaela Cozma

Domeniu : Filologie

Colecție: Amfiteatru

ISBN : 978-973-125-434-0

Pagini: 215 pag.

Format: 16×24 cm

Anul publicării: 2014

Preț: 16,5 RON



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English Grammar for Practical Purposes deals with various aspects of the English morphology from the point of view of their contribution to the achievement of correct and effective communication in the English language. The book is addressed to learners with an upper intermediate and advanced level of English, being mainly focused on those grammar points which are likely to cause problems of transfer from the native language into the foreign one.


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Mihaela Cozma is Ph.D. lecturer at the English Department of the West University in Timişoara, Romania. She teaches courses and seminars of English Morphology, English Teaching Methodology and Translation Studies. She is interested in various aspects related to teacher training, translation teaching and translation research, and has published, both in Romania and abroad, a wide range of scientific papers on these topics.