Immigration: “A Lifelong Pregnancy”? An Analysis of Jhumpa Lahiri’s Fiction

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Titlu: Immigration: “A Lifelong Pregnancy”? An Analysis of Jhumpa Lahiri’s Fiction

Autor: Ramona-Alice Bran

Domeniu : Studii Americane

Colecție: Biblioteca de cercetare

ISBN : 978-973-125-456-2

Pagini: 427 pag.

Format: 16×23 cm

Anul publicării: 2015

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In the past five decades, numerous literary works by Indian-born writers have placed issues connected to immigration at the center of their narratives. Internationally acclaimed authors like Anita Desai, Bharati Mukherjee, Arundhati Roy, Amitav Ghosh or Salman Rushdie, to mention only a few, have drawn attention to the experience of migration and the traumas often associated with leaving one’s homeland and coming in contact with another culture.

The volume investigates, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the fictional work of Indian-American writer Jhumpa Lahiri. Her primary focus is on narrating second-generation American experiences even though she confessed that while growing up in Rhode Island in the 1970s she felt neither ‘American’ nor ‘Indian’. Nevertheless, in her narratives Lahiri is able to explore both sides of the hyphen. The process of writing thus becomes a means of finding a home and of being at home.

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Ramona-Alice Bran has been teaching English for social sciences since 2005. While working at the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology she has constantly pursued her interest in American literature and cultural studies. Consequently, in 2014 she defended an interdisciplinary PhD thesis at the Faculty of Cultural Studies from the Technische Universität in Dortmund, Germany. Ramona-Alice Bran has authored and co-authored numerous journal articles, as well as two textbooks.