Art, Society and Politics in (Post)Socialism

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Titlu: Art, Society and Politics in (Post)Socialism

Autor: ed. coord. Andreea Lazea

Domeniu : Arte vizuale

Colecție: Aula magna

ISBN : 978-973-125-470-8

Pagini: 247 pag.

Format: 16×23 cm

Anul publicării: 2015

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The volume `Arts, Society and Politics in (Post)Socialism’ brings together nine studies written by artists, curators, art theorists, and social scientists who discuss the intermingling of arts and politics in socialist and post-socialist countries. The chapters touch on various genres, such as public art and memorials, comic books, installations and performances, paintings and sculptures, and reveal the complexity of the relation between arts and politics in troubled political contexts. Tensions between the artist as carrier of evasive collective feelings of desperation or hope and the artist as instrument legitimating political actions and ideologies, between individual memory and collective history, between self and others can be glimpsed in this multidisciplinary collection.