Studying America in the 21st Century

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Titlu: Studying America in the 21st Century
Student Essays on Contemporary U.S. Issues
Autor: Cristina Chevereșan
Domeniu : Studii Americane
Colecție : Amfiteatru
ISBN : 978-973-125-413-5
Pagini: 246 pag.
Format: 16×24 cm
Anul publicării: 2014
Preț: 21, 8 RON





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The volume is a collection of essays written exclusively by American Studies M.A. and Ph.D. students at the West University of Timișoara, comprising seventeen projects focused mainly on American literature and culture. From sports and politics to advertising and video-games, from the artistic and social manifestos of the 20th century’s most heated public and private debates to the provocative tenets of postmodernist experiments, the reader is offered a moving panorama of the United States, as reflected by some of the main discourses it has produced in time.


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CRISTINA CHEVEREȘAN (editor). Assistant Professor, PhD. She teaches modern and contemporary American Literature, Culture and Civilization at the West University of Timişoara, Romania. She is also assistant director of the English Department’s American Studies M.A. Program and a member of several European and American scientific societies and professional associations (MLA, EAAS, ESSE, The Philip Roth Society, The Romanian Writers’ Union a. o.) She is the past recipient of fellowships from the Salzburg Global Seminar (2012), UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies (2008), the School of Criticism and Theory (2007), as well as a Fulbright Senior scholar (research grant on ethnic American literature(s), Harvard University; 2010/2011), and a Fulbright Ambassador (2013). She has published four books (critical essays, interviews, book reviews) in English and Romanian, as well as numerous articles in national and international journals, collected volumes, and the Romanian cultural press. She has translated and edited several other volumes (memoirs, poetry, conference proceedings, essay collections).