About us


Academically oriented, the West University Press (Editura Universităţii de Vest – EUV), is one of the most important university presses in Romania. It was founded in 2001 in order to contribute to raising the prestige of the West University of Timisoara. EUV places a particular emphasis on the scientific value of its books, which are meant to add to Romanian and international scholarship. It sets out to bring to market authors who have the potential to become landmarks for both academic and professional communities, in whatever research fields they might represent.

In order to ensure content quality, EUV selects its books by a rigorous peer-review process. The General Catalogue of the West University Press includes over 600 titles, covering a wide range of study and research fields: Anthropology, Ethnology, Philology, Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Communication Sciences, Educational Sciences, Economic Sciences, Political Sciences, Theology, Translation Studies.

The books published by EUV address the needs of BA, MA and PhD students, researchers, academics and professionals in the socio-economic environment. In their pages, they will all encounter various aspects of scientific and cultural, national and international life. Every single title published by EUV contains up-to-date information, significant and necessary for the – initial or continuous – professional training of our readership.



Contact information:


Editura Universităţii de Vest

Str. Paris, nr. 1

300003 Timişoara România

Telephone: +40256.592.681

E-Mail: editura@e-uvt.ro

Web: www.editura.uvt.ro


West University Rectorate Co-ordinator:

Prof. Otilia Hedeşan, Phd, Vice-Rector, Director CSUD



Marilena Brânda, Editorial Director & Foreign Rights – marilena.branda@e-uvt.ro