CORPUS RELATED DIGITAL HUMANITIES: lnterdisciplinary Micro Perspectives

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Titlu: CORPUS RELATED DIGITAL HUMANITIES: lnterdisciplinary Micro Perspectives

Coordonatori volum: Mădălina Chitez, Roxana Rogobete, Loredana Bercuci, Andreea Dincă, Raluca-Andreea Petruş

Colecție: Biblioteca de Cercetare

Domeniul: Filologie

ISBN: 978-973-125-906-2

Anul publicării: 2022

Pagini: 236

Format: 16×23 cm



The book is the first volume of the series SPOR (Science Popularisation Reports), initiated by the research centre CODHUS (Centre for Corpus Related Digital Approaches to Humanities), from the West University of Timisoara, Romania. Books in the series are designed for students, university teachers and researchers in language related disciplines such as: Applied Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Digital Linguistics and Literatures, Literary Studies, Translation Studies, Computational Linguistics, Academic Writing or Language Education. Topics at the intersection of these disciplines and other non-philological fields are a Iso the primary interest of the series.
The book Corpus Related Digital Humanities: lnterdisciplinary Micro Perspectives is about the use of corpus linguistics and corpus related methods to conduct research on themes specific to the field of humanities, thus emphasizing interdisciplinary synergies between the conventional and the technology supported approaches. Each chapter reflects the authors’ perspective on a particular component of a disciplinary field, such as general linguistics, literature or cultural studies.
The volume is written in a popular-science style so that the larger public should benefit from accessing research chapters that are general reader oriented. The results discussed by the studies in this book might be either transferable towards classrooms and industry, or they might inform understanding on the connection between specific language related topics and everyday reality. But, most importantly, the book offers students, university teachers and researchers the opportunity to discover that research in the humanities can keep pace with the !atest technological advancements, it can be exciting, eye-opening and inspiring.

Volume editors:
Mădălina Chitez
Roxana Rogobete
Loredana Bercuci
Andreea Dincă
Raluca-Andreea Petruş

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